About us
Billion Jobs Recruitment Co., Ltd. is one of the most
successful recruitment firms in Thailand, focusing on
junior until high management level position.
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We currently search matched candidates for permanent role in a variety of disciplines included Engineering, Human Resources, Secretary…
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Every day, we always search high qualified candidates
who specializein the area as below.
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At Billion Jobs Recruitment Co., Ltd., we certainly focus on the delivering perfect recruitment
solution to the clients and offering the excellent opportunity to enhance career growth to
the candidates. Whether you're looking for a new job or new employee, Billion Jobs
Recruitment Co., Ltd. can be your outstanding selection in providing you and your business
with an effective recruitment solutions.

There are 3 Keys to success: Awareness, Quality and Professionalism. Our recruitment
consultants need to understand all about your needs, your business and your culture.
Whether you're looking for new people or a new position, we only focus on quality not
quantity. With professional experiences more than 10 years of our recruitment consultant
team from diverse manufacturing and commercial background (Multinational Companies)
can guarantee their efficiency and accurately identification of qualified candidates according
to our Client's requirements timelines.

If you are interested in working in Thailand or searching new employees, please contact us
by phone (662) 752 7618 or email: recruit@billion-jobs.com.

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