At Billion Jobs Recruitment Co., Ltd., we certainly focus on the delivering perfect recruitment solution to the clients and offering the excellent opportunity to
enhance career growth to the candidates. Whether you're looking for a new job or new employee, Billion Jobs Recruitment Co., Ltd. can be your outstanding
selection in providing you and your business with an effective recruitment solutions.

We currently search matched candidates for permanent roles in a variety of disciplines include Engineering, Human Resource, Secretary & Administration,
Accounting & Finance, Sales & Marketing, Warehouse & Logistics, Planning and Safety Occupational Health etc. Our large database of personnel, together
with our professional recruiting team, means we can quickly find the right person and the right job for your requirements.


For Employers : You can contact us by phone or email then we will get back to you promptly for discussion more details.

There are three Keys for Recruitment Process:-
1. Cost of Recruitment
We firstly provide the professional service contract to the customers by offering a fair service rate for assisting employers to have an efficient cost control
on their human resources.

2. Quality of candidates
It is important to set the right requirements of the organization in the quality of job candidates. We need to understand all about customers' needs, their
business and their culture. Screening potential candidates and putting the right person to the right job.

3. Time to Hire
The time to hire is a main driver to introduce and implement the changes in the recruitment process. It drives the satisfaction of the line management with
Human Resources usually by shortening time hiring.


For Job Seekers : If you are interested in new jobs, please send your full resume or contact us to discuss any current vacancies jobs. As soon as we get your resume, we will not reveal your private details to our clients without your permission.

1. If you are interested in using our recruitment agency as part of your career search you are usually required to send your full resume.

2. Interview appointment will be conducted by recruitment consultant for discussion about your background and career goals in detail which we will record
your resume to our database and usually contact you once a potentially suitable opportunity arises.

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